Charity Water

Amiad Water Systems
together with charity : water
bring clean water to an isolated
village in Ethiopia
Completion of the Laelay May Chanka Project
Two years ago, in honor of the end of the year holidays, Amiad Water Systems decided to offer its best wishes to its customers, colleagues and employees around the world in a slightly distinct manner:

Amiad Water Systems joined efforts with the "charity:water" foundation - a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Through this organization, the Laelay May Chanka project was developed.

The Laelay May Chanka project in Ethiopia consisted in drilling a well in order to provide easy access to water for the local community. Before this well was drilled, the local community, especially the local women, used to bring the water from far away.

This is a special project for our company as it is based on a different model; based on our values of Corporate Social Responsibility together with our commitment to provide access to clean water around the world. Amiad strives to maintain and perform through a sustainable community approach. Thus, decided to direct its resources to a project of this sort.
Looking at the great effects of this project, we
are honored to share with you the joy such
a project brings with it, and show you the
benefits your contribution has brought to this
community in Ethiopia.

Sandra Shapira
Director of Corporate Communications
Amiad Water Systems
For the third year in a row, Amiad Water Systems is proud and honored to support "charity: water", a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations (

We have seen the profound impact our contributions have made in Ethiopia and India, and have again decided to commemorate the holidays by donating to "charity: water" on your behalf and that of all Amiad Water Systems' employees, partners and customers.

This year's contribution will cover the costs of establishing a drinking water system for a community in Uganda. This certificate gratefully acknowledges your help and support in this project - bringing the world yet one step closer to safe, clean water for all.