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For flow rates up to 1,000 m³/h; 4,400 USgpm
Filtration degrees from 3500 to 200 micron
Filter area 6,000 - 10,000 cm²; 930 - 1,550 in²
700 m³/h
3100 USgpm
1000 m³/h
4400 USgpm

The "ABF" filter is a heavy duty filter, which has built in automatic
self-cleaning features To maintain and clean the filter screen during operation.
The filter is designed To achieve filtration from 3500 micron To 200 micron through
varying the filter screen size. The "ABF" filter is available in sizes ranging from
8" To 14". The automatic self-cleaning operation is monitored by the PDS
(Pressure Differential Switch) that senses the pressure drop between the inlet and
the outlet of the filter. The PDS is preset To start the flush cycle at 0.5bar (7psi)
pressure differential.
Cleaning process:
When the pressure drop between the inlet and the outlet of the filter reaches the
preset value, cleaning of the filter screen is operated automatically. This operation
consists of opening an exhaust valve located on the housing lid and starting the
electric motor which revolves two stainless steel brushes on the inside of the filter
screen. The particles trapped on the screen are dislodged by the revolving
brushes and flushed out through the open exhaust valve. The cleaning operation
duration is approximately 15 seconds. The service flow of the filtered water is
continuous during the cleaning cycle. Automatic operation is controlled by the
electric board supplied with the filter.

Stages of Flushing Cycle:
1. The PDS sends a signal To the electric board when 0.5bar (7psi) pressure differential has occurred.
2. The exhaust valve opens To the atmosphere.
3. The motor starts rotating the shaft with the brushes For approximately 15 seconds.
4. The exhaust valve closes.
Through the self cleaning process there is no interruption of flow, and the PDS is constantly
monitoring the pressure differential between the inlet and outlet of the filter.

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