WWD 2017 Summary

Water is the world's most precious resource: fundamental to all life, but increasingly scarce and a great disparity in access around the world. Despite this, the majority of all the wastewater from our homes, cities, industry and agriculture flows back to nature without being treated or reused - polluting the environment, and losing valuable nutrients and other recoverable materials. As a company specializing in water filtration technology and sustainable solutions for over 50 years, providing clean water to more than 80 countries globally, we are aware of the ever-increasing demand for clean water and recognize that treating wastewater is essential to conserving this precious resource. Consequently, we are strong advocates of this year's United Nations' World Water Day theme of 'Why wastewater?'

All of our products are designed to minimize water wastage and one of our areas of expertise is solutions for wastewater treatment. Our tertiary filtration systems treat the liquid effluent which can then be utilized in a wide range of applications, such as agricultural and aquaculture production, as well as for industrial and municipal uses.

We also place great importance on our responsibility as individuals - in particular, in raising awareness and educating the future generations of the need to preserve water. For the fifth year running, we enjoyed participating in, and supporting, the United Nations' World Water Day initiative.

This year, we shared the importance of minimising the wasting of water with over 1,100 children. We also expanded our activities to include presenting to younger children - with over 300 in the first grade or kindergarten - as well as at a school for children with special needs. In Israel, two of our employees presented at the Bi-lingual Galilee School, speaking to the children in Arabic and Hebrew side-by-side. In the UK, we broadened our reach beyond schools by engaging with 50 children in the Brownies and Rainbows. We taught the children about the crucial role that water plays in our lives and the importance of reducing and reusing wastewater. We are proud that this year's activities were, once again, a success and enjoyed by the children and teachers alike!

  • The children appreciated the wristbands!

  • Maya Diamant Pagy & her daughter with the WWD Certificate and activity sheet

  • Nanny Balas and her son in his kindergarten class

  • Water Cycle coloring page

  • Marina Holenberg and her grandson

  • Sagit Gal, her daughter and Rukun Awida enjoying our first bi-lingual presentation

Since Amiad began supporting World Water Day back in 2013, we have reached around 6,000 children - a great achievement. We continue with our commitment to support this vital United Nations initiative and we look forward to 2018's event!

The WWD Team
Sandra Shapira, Adva Zach-Maor, Dalit Diano & Joy Drori