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Never before have so many people needed to do so much with so little water. Amiad Filtration Systems is committed to helping people around the world steward our most precious resource with clean, green technology.
We're proud to deliver outstanding Return on Investment (ROI). But we're just as dedicated to helping maximize our customers' Return on Environment (ROE). Our filtration systems deliver cleaner water - and more of it - while decreasing environmental footprint by minimizing energy, back flush water and maintenance while eliminating chemicals and consumables. For more information on our clean technology, click on these links to industry publications and visit www.amiad.com.
Amiad Filtration Systems.
Clean Water. Clean Technology.
  Automatic Self Cleaning
In response to consumer demand, municipalities are being tasked to provide the safest
  Multi-Stage Filtration
Membrane filtration systems are the fastest-growing segment of the water purification market
  POE Sediment Filtration
Around the country, our aging water delivery infrastructure is coated with sediment and scale from a century or more of buildup
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