At Amiad, the importance of clean water underpins our business and operations worldwide; we provide filtration solutions to a range of industries, from agriculture to oil and gas. However, water is more than just a business for us. It is the world’s most precious resource and we champion its importance to all people everywhere. Water is life.

To promote these values, we will, for the seventh year, be celebrating World Water Day – with this year’s theme being ‘Leaving no one behind’, which emphasises the importance of universal access to clean water to sustainable worldwide development.

Billions of people worldwide, especially marginalised individuals or communities, lack access to clean water. Over 60% of the world’s population live in regions where demand for water exceeds the available supply. They are denied a fundamental human right. To develop as a stable and prosperous society, this needs to change. We invite you to join us in promoting the importance of ensuring safe water for all and making the planet a better place for everyone.

Click here for the World Water Day statement by Dori Ivzori, President & CEO, Amiad Water Systems >